I lost my job today. Because I snapped on a girl at work….. Ah well. She called me a hoe as well. Lol, so I found her boyfriend on Facebook πŸ™‚ might as well live up to my namesake right ??

BP and I are not together. I’m just not a relationship girl! Everything he did made me want to KILL him. He was so needy and emotional and it was just horrible!

I really have nothing to say ….. Ta-Ta ❀


I have no regrets

I went to see my pimp…..getting paid to let some guy eat me out is the best decision I’ve made all day! If it wasn’t for the money though, I would never ever have sex with the guy. He can’t get it up for shit. We tried to fuck but he’s a 20 year old with a 95 year old dick. Jesus. I’ve never seen such inadequacy in all my life. Apparently, it isn’t me because I’m just “SOOO sexy”. What kind of 20 year old pays someone to eat them out anyway? Plus he sucks at it. He’s never made me cum, not once. But as he puts it, he does it for a “good cause”. Meaning to give me money lol. The experience isn’t even worth describing. It’s more of a business sort of thing anyway. He hands me the money and takes me back to where I left my car and the job is over.

In other news, I just got my test results πŸ™‚ STD free!

CW the married guy, who is not really married but only engaged, is basically stalking me. I mean sheesh you fuck a guy one time and he won’t leave you alone! I left work one night and drove to his apartment..he lives with his fiancΓ© so he made me drive to some abandoned factory parking lot . I parked behind a dumpster and he proceeded to fuck the SHIT out of me! I mean this guy is built and obviously did not give a fuck about how I felt about the situation lol. I can honestly say I got fucked like an animal and I did not like it..I did at times but his dick is huge. When he first put his wide cock inside my pussy, it HURT. I rode his big dick backwards in my backseat, with his hands on my hips forcing himself deep inside me. He kept telling me how his dick felt at home in my pussy and when I didn’t talk back, he forced me to. That’s something I liked though. He forced me to kiss him and he forced me to say dirty things to him and when we finally changed position, with me facing him and riding his dick, he forced me to get all the way down on it and stretching my pussy out. Oh my goodness. Then he made me lay down while he choked me and put my legs up over my head and fucked me so hard and deep..it was too deep actually. My stomach ached for hours after I got home. He loved it but I …not so much. I finally made an excuse to go home because BP kept calling me during the whole thing. Phew. I drove him home and he’s all smiles and laughs and saying we owe each other oral. I don’t even know if I can do that! I’m a pretty small girl and I can deep throat but barely….I already know he’s going to force me to get it all in my mouth and his penis is way too big for that! Ugh guess I have to let this one go, I’m not ready for his monster dick..

BP and I are dating. I kind of like having BP around. He’s clingy but he fucks me good and I get a loyal boyfriend too. He still doesn’t eat pussy but I’m working on that….I think I’m actually starting to like the kid. He’s sweet and stuff so I guess I’ll keep him.


I’m not blogging until I get some dick…..NEW DICK. Or at least dick I haven’t had in a while. That is all 😑

On a lighter note…..

I was left with a text that says:

“I gotta work tomorrow ! But I’m serious as hell ! I’ll slide my cock in. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. imma let you go to sleep tho . Goodnite (: hmu sometime.”

HOW DO YOU LEAVE ME WITH A TEXT LIKE THAT?! Especially with me horny right now 😦 he was teasing me big time …ugh. I’m just glad that I’m getting dick tomorrow ! Hehe I found my exs cousins number πŸ˜‰ goooooodnight forreal this time :*

A memory

“Sex is disgusting.”: Advice I got the day I lost my virginity. I didn’t understand what it meant then, but boy do I now.

So I was texting my ex-fiances 20 something year old cousin, and he was giving me advice about my relationship. He was always great at getting us back together but I had this itch that HAD to be scratched..I had to fuck my (ex) fiances cousin. We started flirting a little .. “What would you do if I…?” And “would it be okay if…?” And eventually we just came out and made a time and day. The night he came over, it was cold as hell outside but I was ready to fuck: scantily clad in only thigh high socks and a t-shirt, I was freezing my ass off. He was parked outside my house in an SUV with the heat on, which I was GRATEFUL for. When I climbed in the seat, my pussy obviously showed and I watched him stare at it as I sat with my legs on the dash. “I like your socks.” was the first thing he said. I laughed at his stupid comment and we talked for a little. He always liked to pretend like we were best friends, talking about deep shit and my relationship with his cousin. Finally, he got to the point. I happily hopped in the back, ass and pussy showing. He climbs on top of me, pulling his dick out. We never kiss. That’s not something he did. Leaning the seat back, he climbed on top, shoving his dick inside me. I moaned loudly and he said “oh shit” under his breath. He started fucking me, making the whole SUV rock while I moaned loudly..suddenly, he grabbed my ass and flipped me over, fucking me from behind. Holding my hip, he grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, asking me if I like it. Of course I said yes πŸ˜‰ we had a wonderful fuck session that night, one of my best. He’s a dominant guy so there was lots of choking, ass-slapping, hair pulling, deeeeeep thrusting..I fucking love being dominated!! And when he came, he gripped my ass with both hands and thrusted one last time, cumming inside me! Oh my god, I loved it . What I loved even more? When we would fuck before work, he would cum inside me & I would come to work with his cum dripping down my leg, smiling in my (ex) fiances face and telling him I loved him. Or when we would give each other oral and I would have the taste of his cum on my tongue then kiss my (ex) fiance.

Ugh.. I think about these things and it makes my pussy so wet.. I loved cheating on my ex fiancΓ© . And every time he took me back, it made me so happy because he gave me yet another opportunity to fuck him over in the worst way possible. And I loved every minute of it. Then again, at this time I was not on birth control at all and could’ve gotten pregnant from the constant loads being shot into me by his cousin..who lied and told me he was unable to have kids at the time, and now has two different girls pregnant. So yeah….fuck him for that. But the sex was great ! I would fuck him again ..definitely. Matter of fact, Im going to text him right now.

At this moment, I am on the phone with BP being teased πŸ˜‰ texting a REALLY old friend I just found on Facebook about his girlfriend and fucking him….and looking for my ex fiances cousins number so we can meet up . I wish I was getting some dick right now.

Taaaaaaa-ta πŸ˜€ ~~~~ <——-B

A boring post

TK is so STUPID. I remember why I stopped talking to him now. The money was good but damn, planning when to see his dumb ass makes me want to choke him. But anyway, I guess that means I’m not getting dick tomorrow 😦 I will Wednesday and Thursday though, so it’s all good!

Hmm today I went to class..went to BP’s house and smoked a blunt with him and his friends..drove my ass to work..planned to fuck CW on Thursday ..not much happened today. I tried to get BP’s friend OP to let me suck his dick again but I think he might have grown a conscience since we last fucked so that might be a no-go 😦 sigh how sad..

Ta! ;p

I can’t have an orgasm through penis/vagina sex.

It’s true . Only by masturbation and oral 😦 it’s sad. But today was ..disappointing, to say the least. Lets recap, shall we?

I went to BP’s house and we wasted no time. He has this tendency to make out with me in between pretending to watch random tv shows, and I wasn’t having that today. As soon as his bedroom door closed and locked, I took off my pants. He knew what time it was! I sucked his dick for a few minutes then we got to business πŸ˜‰ His favorite position is me laying on my stomach while he fucks me from the back, often while he pushes the back of my head and my face into the pillows. I loveeee that part ! But what I hate is when he goes slow. Like I want to be FUCKED ..why are you making love to me?!? I know he does it to try and prolong the inevitable, but seriously, it gets old. There was a lot of that today. It wasn’t a rock my world day but there were a few moments when he took the hint (I’m usually a screamer), and actually FUCKED me..he kept telling me to be quiet because there were little kids in the living room, but I’m definitely a risk taker and the idea of people hearing me turns me on. Fuck being quiet. BP is a talker. Something I didn’t realize I liked until the day I was fucking one of my ex-fiances cousins in the back of his car and he asked me if he was my daddy. Today BP said something like “you like when I give it all to you?” While he was thrusting deep, and it drove me crazyyy! I moaned so loud that he actually got mad lol.

So we went on fucking for about an hour: from the back, me on my side and him behind me, me on my side and him in front of me, just any position and I was just not feeling it today. Not enough deep penetration I guess. I did beg him to cum inside me though, something he absolutely refuses to do. I’m on the DEPO shot, so I’m not scared of getting pregnant. I suppose I should be but whatever. But he’s TERRIFIED. It took all my seduction powers to pry his ass away from condoms. Fucking me raw is one thing, but cumming inside me? Now THAT is the bee’s knees for me! I absolutely LOVE when a guy cums inside my pussy. I tried my best to persuade him. I begged and moaned and called him daddy but NOTHING worked. Ugh! He’s so terrified of having kids, it’s fucking with my sex life. Not cool. So he pulled out & came in my mouth..still something I like, but I wanted the other one way more. Basically, I wasn’t fucked that good & he wouldn’t cum inside me like I wanted and so today wasn’t successful for me..afterwards we drove to his friends, smoked half a blunt & I drove us to work.

Enter: CW. The new black guy with the wife and kids. I just found out like 10 minutes ago that he’s 28..NEW RECORD if I get him! I got to work and he said some shit about me being young..fuck. I was high and pissed because my chances of fucking this guy were possibly ruined. So I tested him..I was using a hose at work and purposely gripped it in a way that obviously was sexual because he was standing next to me. You would think stupid shit like that doesn’t work but guys are way too easy, no matter what age. Like I expected, he made some sexual reference. Huh…guess age isn’t a factor for him after all. With that being said and done, I went about my business and work was normal, with the exception of BP who bitched all day about me never talking to him while we’re at work. I mean, I don’t because usually I’m too busy flirting with another one of our coworkers but he’s too stupid to think that’s why. I got off work and took my girl Jay home, who is basically my right hand woman (except she’s not a slut) and decided I would call my job and get CW’s number. He’s definitely a talker, not a texter, which can be a problem considering BP always wants to talk and KJ keeps trying to talk..what’s a girl to do πŸ™‚

CW claims to be straightforward. He says shit like he knew from the beginning that he wanted me and had to get me and that he doesn’t have time to play games. Ooh assertive πŸ˜‰ turns me on. Grown men are always the best to fuck. As opposed to BP who makes this cartoonish frowny face when we fuck, like he’s concentrating really hard HAHAHA how dumb. I try not to laugh when he makes this face because he makes up for it by making noises when he fucks me (something guys never do because they think its too feminine..in my experience) and I love that shit. CW asked me flat out what I want..I told him I want to fuck. Waiting for a text back……………….and he says when. Nice πŸ™‚ now I just have to find time in my schedule to fit him in. Tuesday morning I’m going to see TK. Wednesday morning I’m going to see DR, the other married guy. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Thursday, I’m free so that sounds like the day πŸ™‚ hopefully he can work with my schedule, cause I’m definitely trying to get him. He says he almost didn’t want to fuck because of my age, he claims he doesn’t want to “ruin my life”.. in a good way. But I’ve heard all that before so we’ll see. But I am currently on the phone with BP and he’s boring the fuck out of me and I’m telling him I like him a lot because he’s depressed because his life sucks. Blah blah! Goodnight world.

Ta-Ta! ;D